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re: [Information] The Phoenix Court - Types of Agenda Items


Phoenix Court Agenda Items


There are several types of items that may be found on the agenda for the Phoenix Court.  The purpose of this post is to list some of the most common examples, with a brief explanation for each.  Keep in mind that this is just a basic list.  There could be other types of business to be discussed at court, that do not appear in this listing.  If you have something you wish to discuss with the Queen or the Lady Chancellor, but are unsure if it is something appropriate to bring to the Phoenix Court, please contact Amiyna to determine the best way to proceed.


As we grow, we will have new characters joining us.  Each new member will need to be presented at Court.  This is an introduction type of event, where the new character formally meets the Phoenix Queen and the Lady Chancellor and is able to tell the court a bit about themselves.  It is at this time that the new character would declare where in Quel'Athillien they would like to settle.  This will give them the opportunity to meet the Duke, Duchess, or Steward of that territory and arrange to discuss what their role in that land will be.  

Since we are just beginning the process of formal presentations, and our player characters are now all deciding on a place to call home, the Lady Chancellor may invite a character who is not currently new to be presented at court.  This is to cement the decisions made by the player for their character and to do an IC introduction and establish the beginnings of relationships.  If you receive an invitation, kindly reply to let the Lady Chancellor know if you will be able to attend.


The Phoenix Court will conduct ceremonies to formally recognize momentous occasions for both the land and the people in it.   Pledges of fealty, or loyalty, elevations to the peerage, promotions within our structures, or changes in positions will all be commemorated with an appropriate ceremony.  The ceremonies themselves may be individualized to suit the occasion, though there will be some that develop a ritual of their own, so that all characters get a similar experience when participating.

When your character is accepted into a duchy, and given a specific role, it is likely that there will be a ceremony involved at court.  These ceremonies will act as inductions into the land you've chosen and will most times be formally conducted by the ruler of that duchy.  The Queen and Lady Chancellor will act as both witnesses and facilitators for these events, and may present gifts to the one being honored.


Any foreign or domestic proposals to be made to the Kingdom, that are not true emergencies, should be presented during the Phoenix Court.  Such proposals would include trade agreements, requests for gold or aid, suggested changes or additions to laws, or requests for approval on the elevation of a person to a new rank or position.  Petitioners must be prepared to both present their request and to answer questions from the Queen and Lady Chancellor.  The proposal may be opened to discussion by the assembly as well, in which case, questions could come from anyone in attendance.  It is very rare that a final decision will be rendered during the court in which the proposal is made.  The purpose of the initial presentation is information gathering.  The Queen and Lady Chancellor will take time after court to discuss with advisors and determine the best course of action for the Kingdom.


The presentation of ambassadors from other nations or organizations should be arranged for Phoenix Court.  Foreign dignitaries will be formally introduced to the queen, and given time to speak on behalf of the nation or organization they represent.   If a proposal is made, the Queen or Chancellor may respond immediately, or may receive the request and arrange for a follow up meeting with the ambassador to address their specific needs.   The follow up meeting may include just the Queen and Lady Chancellor or may also involve others from within the Kingdom who may be in a position to advise the Queen.  Liaisons from within our Kingdom, those who may have fostered the new friendship being presented, will also be asked to participate in any meetings involving the interest that they represent.



((This list will be added to or adjusted as needed.   Anything you wish to see added to the Phoenix Court agenda should be discussed with Amiyna, who will determine, along with Rennali and Larrendias, what forum best suits your topic.))

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